The ideal accessory for all-weather use outdoors

Tarp Can be used for construction tarps, farm tarps, boating tarps, camping tarps, landscaping, roof tarps and other applications. Constructed of woven, reinforced polyethylene fabrics, these tarps feature heat-sealed seams and are water and tear resistant for a long-lasting use. The edges are reinforced with poly rope for added tarp strength. With built-in UV protection, these tarps are washable, reusable and recyclable.

Tarp choosing

Durable Tarp

  • Tie down easily: metal rust prove grommets spaced every 1m and at each corner allow this tarp to be tied down and secured simply, create a tent for camping, fairs and more.
  • Durable Tarps are especially strong and flexible due to the high density woven upper layer and the weather resistant low-density reinforced laminate backing
  • All weather protection: rain or shine, snow or wind this plastic large heavy tarp can handle it all, it is UV treated, waterproof & weather proof and can withstand storms and all the elements outdoors
  • Available in many colors

Heavy Duty Tarp with Reinforced cap

  • The edge for reinforcement Plastic caps for corner reinforcement
  • Rust-resistant polycarbonate grommets for tie-down strength
  • Resists UV damage, water, tear and mildew
  • Tight weave pattern for resists UV damage, water, tears and mildew
  • Headed rope seams for strength
  • Polypropylene rope inserted around

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