1. What is a shade sail?

Shade sails are an alternative solution to umbrellas, awnings and gazebos. Shade sails have a great visual effect and reinvent the house and garden while creating shade. They are the ideal solution to create shaded areas on the patio, by the pool, the children’s playground or to protect you from prying eyes. The shade sails provide a comfortable and safe area as they block more than 90% of harmful UV rays.

2. How shade sails create a cooling effect?

As in providing a screen against direct sunlight, shade sails are also creating a cooling effect: warm air rises through the woven fabric thus causing airflow. This effect can reduce the room temperature by several degrees.

3. Why the borders of shade sails are curved?

It is important to understand that the shade sails have a curved shape. Without this curve it would be impossible to get the right tension. The curve is concave and reaches 8% of the length in the middle of the sail.

4. Can you install your shade sail all year round?

The shade sails can be mounted in spring and dismantled in the fall. Although shade sails are strong, they are not made to hold the snow or frost. When there are winds over 60km / h it is recommended to quickly disassembling your sails.

5. How to install your shade sail?

We recommend that Shade Sails are installed as shown in fig 1 & 2. Shade Sails can also attach to  a building (or existing structure) and to additional poles, but are not limited to this. They can beattached in hundreds of different configurations. It is also possible to use a wire cable to extend your Shade Sail corner to a fixing point.

Hyperbolic Shape

For square and rectangular sails. This helps the shade sail to stay tight and look great!


For triangular sails. This helps prevent sagging in the middle of the shade sail

Triangular shade manual sample