Made from Water-repellent polyester fabric, it will protect you from both sun and light rain. 

The shade sail will allow you to enjoy the great outdoors with your friends and relatives in peace.

Trangular Style
Item No.Size
RWV-01300 x 300 x 300
RWV-02 360 x 360 x 360
RWV-03400 x 400 x 400 
Square Style
Item No.Size
RWV-04300 x 300
RWV-05 360 x 360 
RWV-06400 x 400
Rectangular Style
Item No.Size
RWV-07 300 x 400 
RWV-08 300 x 500 
RWV-09400 x 500
  • Fabric: 140g/m2 polyester , UV resistance 
  • Accessories: including rope,  carry bag
  • pole if need

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