Whatever the weather in your region, parasol covers can help protect your outdoor umbrella well. Be sure to choose covers that fit your parasol snuggly for maximum protection.

Measure your pieces and look for covers that can adjust to fit your umbrella appropriately. When fair weather is back in the forecast, covers are easy to remove, clean and store.

  • RWPC-22010
  • Patio Umbrella Cover
  • RWPC-22011
  • Parasol Cover
  • RWPC-22012
  • Small Umbrella Cover
  • RWPC-22013
  • Medium Umbrella Cover
  • RWPC-22014
  • Waterproof  Parasol Cover
  • RWPC-22015
  • Cantilever Outdoor Umbrella Cover
  • RWPC-22016
  • Parasol Cover With Zipper
  • RWPC-22017
  • Large Umbrella Cover

How Covers Protect Your Parasol

• Sun Damage. Sun can fade colored fabric and eventually break down almost any material. Select parasol coverings that block powerful UV rays to keep your parasol looking like new for years.
• Moisture. Rain and snow can age and rust your parasol. Look for features like seam-sealing tape and ventilated paneling. These help avoid condensation and prevent mold and mildew. All covers should sit off the ground to prevent soaking up water.
• Wind. High winds—or destructive animals—can damage your parasol. Anchor straps will help keep your outdoor parasol covers secure on windy days.