The secrets to choose the right umbrella base

Many market umbrellas require bases that are sold separately. To find a freestanding umbrella base with the proper weight to hold your umbrella, multiply the diameter of your umbrella by 10.

For example, for an umbrella with a 5-foot diameter, you’ll need an outdoor umbrella stand that weighs at least 50 pounds. For the largest canopies, consider a cast iron umbrella stand. It’s a heavy umbrella base that will hold up to the toughest winds. Choose umbrella stands with wheels so they’re easier to move.

For an umbrella that you move from the pool to the deck, consider a portable umbrella stand. These models are made of plastic. Just fill them with water or sand at your destination. They’re lightweight and easy to move when they’re empty.

A patio umbrella that is made to go through the hole of an outdoor dining table also needs a base. However, the base doesn’t need to be as heavy because the table helps to steady the umbrella. A 10-20kgs stand is sufficient for these versions.

                   umbrella base-10kgs

                        55L platic base

                       100L platic base

Expect a base, you may also need a good cover for your parasol.

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