Take a Break from the Sun under your New Patio Parasol

Parasol Size

An parasol that’s too big can feel like it takes up all the space in your yard. An umbrella that’s too small won’t provide sun protection for everyone. Follow this simple rule: your patio umbrella extends over your patio table by 2 feet on each side.

Parasol Style

Choose from styles and materials that match your outdoor space and decor.

Crank Parasol

Hanging Parasol

Pulley Parasol

Push-up Parasol

Roma Umbrella

Rectangular umbrellas pair well with longer patio dining tables and solar lighted umbrellas will light up the outdoors as the sun goes down. Cantilever umbrellas are ideal for homes with large outdoor dining areas or sectional seating. For minimal outdoor decorating, skip all the guesswork and select a patio umbrella set so everything matches. You can even choose a solar-lighted umbrellas or patio umbrella with lights built in, for a dazzling nighttime look.

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